Mad Hatters Tea Party

I’ve been wanting to do a tea party for the kids for a little while now, but until recently wasn’t really sure how I was going to bring it all together to make it a little more than your average sort of tea party with cake, little sandwiches & beverages. Early this year, ok, I warrant you it’s only the 11th of January, so I am pushing that early in the year stuff, I decided this was my moment to have a mad hatters tea party.

I toyed with the idea of doing a Mad Hatters party for Easter, but then I thought that doing one just for the sake of having a party would be even better. At the moment I have randomly picked the start of June & told people to save the date, BUT, we might have a visitor (a family member) coming over at some point because Geoff is turning 40 in October, so I could potentially still change the month I guess. However June is fairly nice time to come still. I hope that there aren’t too many mozzies about so that we can have a bit of time outside, & that it doesn’t rain, but I am probably out of luck on both those accounts, more chance of it not raining than the mozzies not being their savage normal selves. :s

I have been pinning ideas to pinterest like crazy, not just for the mad hatters tea party, but other areas of interest. So far I have 462 pins to sort through with all the ideas of things that I like for the tea party. Anything from décor to source (ie tea pots, tables, chairs), décor to make (flowers, costumes), activities & games & I am also looking into some food ideas too. There is much to sort. I have to be honest that the food is the part that I am not looking forward to, throwing a tea party means copious amounts of sandwiches, cakes & other delicious things that I am not all that familiar with, but something will happen.

I have copious lists of what I need & have started looking because now that I am trying to make it all happen, it seems like 5 months is almost not enough time to get it all sorted.
I have used freecycle, local second hand (charity) shops & sites online & even asked friends for any materials that I have needed, plus started raiding my own crafting supplies.

This project is huge & even with all the time that I am giving myself, it’s fairly easy to get lost in all my thoughts & ideas. It could be said that I am the reason it seems like such a large project, but that’s really not going to stop me from wanting to create some of the things I have in my mind to do. 😉

I really want to document the progress of the party planning, so I am hoping that I will do so, with some more blogging, which I know has become very seldom from me.

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