Back again

As per usual. I tend to leave it a long time between posts. Who knew it would be a few years though, after the last time?

One of the reasons I haven’t written on here for a while, relates to family that are still members of a cult that value blind beliefs over actual relationships with living and breathing family, & their stalking of this page. Too invested in a perceived relationship with an invisible being, to actually care for those that they could have a truly meaningful relationship with, but then again I would be ignoring the fact that I actually don’t want to have anything to do with a family that has tried to ensure family secrets that portray anything other than a wonderful rainbow & sparkles home life, stay hidden under the rug.

….. and email of outrage is in my mailbox in 3,2,1 …..

Anyhow, let me take this moment to say HELLO to the stalkers, be them genuinely interested & actually involved in our lives or the weird stalkers, both related & not. Welcome back creepy people!

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