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Now, that I’ve taken a jab at people, it’s time to do some writing

2020, has been a strange year indeed, hasn’t it? I mean it’s great if you’re a hardcore introvert, but do those people even exist? I mean we all need some sort of human contact & connection, even if we don’t like to admit it.

We went into lockdown here basically in March, Friday March 13th, was when schools closed. I think of all the dates to be the last day of school for my kids, that’s a pretty awesome one to end on. I had been watching (reading if you want to be precise) the news & could see the train wreck unfolding. Still, when it hit here, it was surreal. It’s still somewhat surreal to be honest.

Now, months later, with our family still distancing from others, as the majority are going back to life as it was before, or as close to, it’s getting wearing. I miss being able to go against the grain in my own special way. None of us knows for sure how the virus would impact our family unit if any of us get’s it, so for us the best course of action is to limit the chances of catching it.

Even with our limited contact with others it’s been interesting to watch the reactions people have in these COVID times to anything in general. I find people are lacking not only patience but compassion, likely a product of fear.

I’ve observed & had so called ‘friends’ turn nasty. Both keyboard & justice warriors are out in full force. Saying your piece can be good, but my experience has shown that most that get their knickers in a knot, really couldn’t care to hear the other side & set the record straight. Often the best thing you can do is take note of their treatment & walk away. I thought I was really adept at that before, but now, I feel like a pro. Thanks COVID!

At least COVID is helping to ensure when it does come time for us to resurface we will do so with a smaller circle of genuine friends. That being said, for now, I miss my old life, I miss people, I miss the human contact, the ability to travel anywhere without worry.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Mostly I’ve been ok with the people I interact with, though some customers have shown some colours that changed my view of them. The main change is a family member that I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with my whole life. I haven’t had the emotional and/or physical energy to swaddle them and treat them with kid gloves. Hell with it, not worth my emotional health to deal with the shit anymore.

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