The Fair

With so much upheaval this year & a feeling that the world is upside down, there is an overwhelming feeling of loss & grief. Things have changed for an undetermined amount of time.

All big events have been canned for in person attendance here, but, there are some events like the Spencerville Fair that have decided to continue, albiet in a slightly different fashion.

This year the fair decided to go online. There are no rides or food trucks obviously, but there are virtual competitions. They even had an incentive for kids to enter $5 for your first entry OR if you entered at least 5 different categories, you would earn $20 total. The kidlets loved it, although one needed a little prodding, but we got there. Thank goodness they extended submission dates by a week, because we had a lot of half baked ideas that still needed to be complete. Here are a few pictures of their submissions for your viewing pleasure. I missed a couple, but they did each manage to submit at least 5 each. They did so much better than myself, who had the best of intentions to enter, but simply ran out of time.

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