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Both of the kids have always loved participating the in the Terry Fox run at school every year. The youngest was participating before she even went, as the school let parents come with other family members to do a few laps of the school yard.

Last year we took part in the run (really, it was mostly a walk for some of us), down in my hometown of Prescott, as a family. Kidlet2 was the one who spurred us all on to participate, so it made sense for her to be our team captain for the 5 of us (we had G’s brother staying with us from Australia, so we dragged him along).

As Kidlet2 was registered as team captain last year, this year she received a note soliciting her participation again in the same role & of course, she jumped at it. She was not going to miss taking part, just because she won’t be able to do so through the school, doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to take part, no way! In fact, she has fully embraced the idea to do it “Your Way” & has been preparing herself to do a 20km bike ride, in the local area.

So far, we’ve managed to do a 15km ride, which is amazing for a 6yr old who has to peddle that little bit harder on her little bike to keep up the pace. The ride is on the 20th of this month (or around that date, weather dependent).

She’s doing the ride for Grandma, who unfortunately passed away in early 2004 from cancer (so she never met any of her grandkids) and for kids & others who have cancer.

If you wish to support the Terry Fox Foundation & the kidlet’s ambitious venture, her page is here

Thank you to everyone who has supported her thus far. To date she has raised $380! 🙂

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  1. twoemu says:

    Update: In the end E raised $550 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Thanks everyone!!!

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