For the last few days, we have been painting. Only two rooms, but boy is it a lot of work. Today, we called it quits for the painting though. Geoff’s new office, which was the kids room, is now painted. The room was a light green & yellow, which we had to cover with primer & now it is a copper (ish) brown colour.

The kids room, which was my creative space & our home schooling area, the past few months, also had a repaint. It went from the crappy beige that is the main colour of the upstairs, to an aqua colour (Island Breeze is the name) with nice white trim. The kids picked out the colour, which I thought was nice. L saw it today & said WOAH, but it was a good WOAH

Painting in the kids room
Prepping the kids room

Tomorrow, Geoff will seal the edges, around the baseboards etc & hopefully by Sunday we can move the kids into their new space & Geoff into his. Geoff, starts his new job Monday, which is completely remote & Monday I will be back to balancing, home schooling my creative work, the work with the new business & life in general, fun times all round.

Happy January 1st

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