Monthly Check-in

It seems I have no real inclination, or is it time, either reason fits, to do more than a post a month, so here I am checking in for February & giving a summary of the last month +.

A lot has happened & yet not so much really. Normally, we would be either getting ready to go on a trip or most likely getting back from one. It’s become (or maybe I should say it was) a tradition to escape to warmer weather most winter’s, but you know, COVID’s a thing, so that’s not really an option. Now, we pretty much stay home & tick the days of the year off the calendar, without any real direction, stuck in a weird no man’s land, a stark contrast to pre-covid times.

January was pretty good for us to get into the rhythm of homeschooling. G now has his office in the kids old room upstairs, the kids are in my previous creative space & the kids & I have taken over the basement.

The basement setup is pretty nice to be honest. We have computers permanently setup, the climbing wall is here of course, with the futon that was in another room pulled out so that it can be used easily (we often all sit on it as I read), there’s a coffee table to do puzzles & play games & then there is an art space for the kids & of course my creative space in the main area. It works well overall. The kids & I mostly stay downstairs though the day M-F & we try to co-ordinate times to have lunch with G each day, something that he wasn’t really able to do in his previous job.

After months of homeschooling, this move to a new bigger space, has been good for all of us, which I am sure has helped to contribute to the groove we are in. That & the fact that we are all embracing the idea that homeschooling is here to stay for a while, at least, in our house. I tried to juggle homeschooling around everything else, but now, I am accepting the fact that homeschooling comes first & everything else has to be balanced around it. Some days are still a little bit of a struggle, but not as much as they have been before. The kids & I are really in a partnership to learn together.

We are having a lot of fun, not only are we doing core subjects like language arts & mathematics & finding fun & creative ways to learn/ teach it, but we have expanded onto other interesting topics. The kidlet’s favourite subject at the moment is mythology/ history. In the last month, I have lost count of the number of times they have come up to me excited to relate that something they read made so much more sense, because of their mythology knowledge & honestly we have barely scratched the surface. My youngest who despised math, is now excited by it as well, which is a huge step forward. It’s beautiful to see their excitement & enthusiasm to learn.

I’m also trying to spend more time with them creatively, we do cooking every day, but I try to include other creativity. We do journaling, have done some 3D cardboard art & some sewing, but we are going to get into some paper mache & more too.

Besides homeschooling, I have been trying to keep up with orders & managing delivery issues with the postal system (mostly timeframes for things to arrive) with COVID outbreaks in some areas, that are causing longer, than what has become the normal, COVID delays. I do love my creative time, which is mostly spent sewing though, fibre art is my thing, at this point. The open space is a little weird though & I am considering if I should try to hem myself into a corner like I was before. but hopefully, I will get used to it soon enough.

G loves his new job & although he has some pretty weird hours sometimes, he doesn’t seem to mind at the moment which is good. He’s so much happier than he was. Sometimes, you just need shit from a different horse, to mix things up a bit. It really is good to see him happier.

As much as we have found our groove, social isolation, lockdowns & the general reason why we stay away from everyone, have made some moments a little harder to deal with though.

Kidlet 2 burned themselves with boiling water a couple of weeks ago, but is now healing up well. Having to decide which hospital to take them to in terms of least risk of COVID, is not a decision that I wish on anyone though.

Early in January, a beautiful soul, Belinda, died of ALS, which was hard. I knew her through the jousting community & medieval events. I loved the time that I did have, to get to know her & our signed conversations (she used ASL). It won’t be the same to attend some events & not see her there. It’s also weird not to have gotten the chance to say goodbye.

In the last week, I found out another friend is terminal too (not ALS). I regret never getting the chance to meet face to face. If they happen to read this, I hope that they realise that they are an amazing talented individual, that I admire greatly. They have a heart of gold & the spark of joy that they bring to the world is one of a kind. Enjoy the time that you have with your close family & friends.

In other more uplifting news, I have also become an aunt again, this time to a blood relation on my side, which is both exciting & bittersweet, due to distance of said relations. There clearly isn’t, nor can there be any timeframe to actually see & meet this new family member, so for the moment, I am trying to savour the little messages I get & not get too discouraged by the reality that it will be years before we see them. On the brightside, our absence is being filled by so many others, which I am trying to see as a good thing, especially everytime well meaning people tell me that lovely tidbit of reality to make me feel better (it actually doesn’t make it better though). However, I am finding, if you keep smiling through it all, “everything’s swell”.

This month, February, see’s G’s late mum’s birthday happening on the 15th, she would have been 72. Normally, we would go to see the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Nature, because they were her favourite thing, in her memory, but clearly that can’t happen this year. I am thinking perhaps we will work on a butterfly project we have been working on for a while in her memory, but that could change. It’s weird to break our butterflies at the museum tradition, after so many years. She passed away in 2004.

This is also my birthday month. With COVID, my birthday has suddenly become more exciting than normal, mostly I think because it’s something to look forward to. Kidlet2 has taken on the planning of the “event” which is really quite sweet (I have been teaching them the skill of planning for events as part of homeschooling studies) so I am looking forward to what she has planned.

And on that note & hopefully ending with some cheer & hope, instead of misery, which was where it seemed this post was heading for a little bit, I will sign off. Perhaps I will add some pictures later, to break things up, or I will call it quits & say, if you are family & friends that I am actually in touch with, you know where to see pictures that relate to some of my write up in this post.

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