Open Letter to a friend

This letter is for a specific friend, who is terminal, but in respecting their wishes when I was told the news by a mutual connection, about a week ago, I am not directly reaching out to them. I wasn’t sure how to convey some of things that I want to say & time is slipping by the more I wait. I finally settled on an open letter on my blog, because it can still be anonymous (I have tried to leave out too many personal details). I don’t expect a response, and I may never know that they read this, & that’s ok, but I will have done more than sitting idly by & missing any opportunity that I did have to say anything.

To My Dear Friend,

I am sorry that, we never managed to get the opportunity to meet face to face, I know I thought we had more time. I didn’t realise that this past year with COVID, would be the last opportunity & I am sorry for that. Even though we didn’t get to meet face to face though, I have treasured our friendship. I am glad that our mutual connection introduced us. My life has certainly been richer for having you in it, even for the time we’ve had.

You have incredible talents & I have always appreciated your encouragement to do better, to be true to oneself & to phuquemol. You possess a huge heart, and I know your presence will be missed by many. Your friendship is something that I will always carry. Don’t think that you haven’t had an impact on the world, just because you might not see it, because YOU most certainly have.

In the end though, even bright sparks in the world get tired & weary of the fight. It’s more than ok to be done. I hope that you can still find some joy in your time left, as your body succumbs to this awful disease. Rest is coming, just a little bit longer…..

Much Love,


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  1. twoemu says:

    Update: The letter was indeed read & replied to privately

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