Family History – Cemeteries Excursion Part 1

Yesterday, was a lovely day, we had a high of 17C & it was SUNNY. The perfect day to go out & do some family tree research in person.

To make things easier, I have made a quick family tree to refer back to, which shows the direct family line & is a bit of a point of reference for the headstones/ monuments we found, below. I only did dates for males on this one, because at the time there was hardly any creativity with names & the repetition of names without any other reference can be confusing.

Please note not everyone mentioned in this post, is in this graph.

Honeywell/ Watson Family Tree

Our first stop was Bells Corners Union Cemetery. We came here to find the graves of James & Anne Watson (McCallum). They were the parents of Lillian Edna Philomela Watson.

The cemetery was quite small, so not having a map of the gravesite/ monument location, wasn’t too bad. I had found a picture online via which helped in locating the gravesite though & we all had fun working out the location from that clue. The pictures previously found online were clearly taken a while ago, as when we saw the monument/ headstone it was definitely showing some weathering.

James & Anne were married on the 9th of January 1873, in the Carlton area, Nepean area.

I am including pictures of the monument, as well as some notes:

On this side it reads;
James Watson
Died Oct 8, 1878
Aged 40 years

Underneath it says
James H Watson
Died Oct 9 1879
Age 1 year 9 months

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is James-Herbert-Watson-Death-647x1024.jpg

There appears to be some writing at the bottom but I was unable to decipher it

James H Watson was Lillian’s little brother. His full name was James Herbert Watson, his cause of death is noted as “not stated” & apparently a certificate was never issued by a physician. The full scanned record (a page), containing the details of his & other deaths can be found here, otherwise you can see the cropped record to the right (or click on the underlined text link, found just above the full page record).

James was born in Nepean, although his parents are actually Irish (more details later on).

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Anne McCallum is noted on another side of the monument & was the wife of James. The inscription pertaining to her states;
Anna McCallum
Wife of James Watson

Some additional information not on the gravestone, is that after James died, she remarried a William Argue (1831 -1915) He is buried at Huntley United Cemetery. William had 3 Spouses Elizabeth Fenton (1837-1871), Margaret Fenton (1838-1881), & Anna McCallum (1842-1932)

Anna is listed on the 1891 Census as the spouse of William Argue. I haven’t yet found a record of when they were married but it would have been some time between 1881 when William’s second wife died (James died in 1878, so she remained a single for a few years) & that census date of 1891. They didn’t have any children together, but she did help in raising his children from previous marriages

Anne was born in Osgoode & her parents are buried in Kars, we haven’t been to their gravesite’s yet, but I will do a post once we have. Going to wait for another nice day out.

Her father, James McCallum (25 Sept 1816 – 14 Oct 1900) is from Glasgow City, Scotland, whilst her mother Penelope Philomena Jones (12 Sept 1820 – 13 June 1864) I am still trying to workout. Some have her as being born around Glengarry (near Cornwall) and other records have her born in Lewiston, Niagra County, New York, USA.

Her parents, Peter Jones (1789-1871) & Anna Eastman Jones (1789-1875) came from the USA. Both her parents & a sibling, Nehemiah Jones (1829-1912) are all buried in Kar’s. She has another sister, Hester who moved to Alberta & is buried with a son there.

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What I didn’t realise at the time, is that we would find James Watson’s parents were also buried there. ** (see note at bottom for even more family found as a result of this)

This side of the monument reads;
Edward Watson
Died Mar 25 1884
Aged 84 Years

Also his wife
Sarah Vincent
Died April 30 1880
aged 88 years

There was a 4th side that remains blank.

Further family tree research shows that Edward Watson was born in Donagal, Ireland in 1800. It appears he moved over to Canada with his parents, who were also born in Ireland.

Sarah Jane Vincent (James Watson’s mum) was born in Chambly, La Vallée-du-Richelieu, Quebec. She’s of Irish/ English decent though with both of her parents born in Ireland.

Sarah’s parents were;
Robert Vincent who was from Coothill, Cavan, Ireland (1783-1844). He was born in Ireland, but his parents were born in England (thus the English decent mix) &
Sarah Jane Malcolmson is from Near Kings Court, Belfast, Ireland, 1781-1881.
I need to research more where Robert is buried, he could be with his wife Sarah, who is
actually buried at Beechwood.

Now, that I have thrown all those names out there here is a bit of a rough graph again, to show relationships, it got a little cramped at the bottom & there are still more to add, but this should give you an idea of where the people I have mentioned fit in. I will include more information on these relations, as I go.

Watson/ McCallum Family Lines (above)

On that note, I will finish up this post here. Part 2 will follow on with our next stop, at Pinecrest.

See note below in reference to earlier comments

** As I was caught off in finding Edward & Sarah’s gravesites, I had to do a little research to confirm the relationship to James (they are of course his parents, as stated above). In doing that research though, I discovered that Annie & James had another son, & his name was Edward (7 Jan 1874 – 25 Sept 1945), he was the older brother of Lillian Edna (g grandmother), a new great uncle to add to the family tree. 🙂

Dr Edward W Watson 7 Jan 1884 – 25 Sept 1945

Dr Edward Wesley Watson & was a dentist in Medford, Wisconsin. Other research revealed that he married a woman called Lucy & had at least 2 children (Eleanor B: 1915 & Harriet B: 1917), was drafted in WWI and died in 1945. Here is an obituary, I happened across for him (it appeared in the Marshfield News-Herald
Marshfield, Wisconsin
26 Sep 1945, Wed  •  Page 11)

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