Happy Spring

Egg hunt underway

With spring, comes Easter. As 2021 is pretty much just an extension of 2020, we had another really low key Easter celebration, in isolation.

To be fair my use of the word Easter is done so loosely, there is an egg hunt of sorts, but beyond that we don’t do anything else. There isn’t any religious attachment to the event, at all, & we don’t do baskets of gifts or new bikes and other toys, like so many other families tend to do. The kids seem to enjoy the hunt though & it has evolved in difficulty over the years, to keep it interesting for them & us.

Pre pandemic, we used to have a lot of kids over to do a big hunt, and it was fun, but I have to say, these days, a quieter pace is pretty enjoyable too.

Last year, we actually gave away the bulk of the eggs, so in reality the days of big egg hunts are done, even when things settle. We only have an eco shopping bag full of eggs left (about 120, which is still a fair amount (the bag that kidlet2 is holding is actually the bag they are stored in). I think we had about 1500 at one point, so you can imagine just how HUGE & chaotic, the hunts were, they were also a lot of fun though too.

Egg nestled in a tree

With the kids getting older, we actually only filled 16 with treats of some kid (smarties, actual berries (fruit not just treats) and some jellies), whilst the rest contained a story that G quickly wrote & then cut up into over 90 pieces, for the kids to put together. It had moderate success, with the youngest giving up a bit earlier than Kidlet1, though the sorting process, but it did entertain them & it was something different. We managed to get a decent amount done, before the whole printed story was shown & kidlet 1 took it upon himself to sort them & then glue onto a few sheets of paper.

Story being pieced together

At the end of it, they both asked if we could do something like that again, so I would call it a success. It’s quite a fun activity, not much different to the scavenger hunts we have done in the past either, except a lot more reading & problem solving.

I can totally see it resurfacing for Kids Day in July (a tradition that we started last year) and likely for birthdays & Christmas too. It’s a fun, distracting activity from the current reality too, which is a bonus. 🙂

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