At Peace

A little while ago, I wrote an open letter to a friend, because I couldn’t let some things go unsaid. Today, I received a message with the news that I had been dreading. I knew before I even opened the message, she was gone. I am relived that she is no longer in pain, but there’s a sadness in knowing that she is gone. She was a kind soul, who knew how to look after herself. The cards dealt, were not always favorable in life, but that didn’t stop her. I liked her a lot & valued our friendship, more than I can really express.

She reminded me a little of myself & I think that maybe I did the same for her too. I might not have known her very long compared to others, but the time that we had, left an impression.

Sometimes in life, people question your decisions & how you live your life. There will always be those who think you could do things differently. They haven’t walked your path, be true to you. Here are some words of wisdom I think that L would approve of

Being nice doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat
Just because others like mind games, doesn’t mean you have to be a part of it
Spend your time and effort on those that deserve it, walk away from those that don’t
Enjoy life, you have one to live!

Rest easy L, Rest easy

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