Books are wonderful

After over a week on our boat, which I was already exhausted from & then getting slammed with getting my period (which often flattens me for a bit on its own), E decided to read me part of one of the Percy Jackson books.

E reading Percy Jackson

I love that the kids have taken to reading so much. L has been a bookworm for a while now, but since Covid we’ve encouraged E to read more & she’s embraced it more because in part, that’s what everyone else does.

Homeschooling, whilst it’s been hard at times (mostly because I’ve had moments where I’ve been worried I’m not doing it right) has also been incredibly rewarding. I definitely see the kids growth more, but that’s likely because I’m more invested in the process too.

Looking forward to another year of educating the kids & the potential to do more with them too, as it seems more things are opening with more & more people getting vaccinated (at least that’s the case here in Canada).

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