One of the the things that I have been focussing on with homeschooling is teaching the kids to be more aware of the food chain that they are a part of.

Baby Chick with E
Holding a baby Chick

They’ve grown up with gardens & know the joys of picking fresh veggies from the garden to eat as they desire, at least the veggies that survive the groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer, raccoons & more. We also have farms that we visit, both commercial & homesteads of friends as well. I have also made preserves & pickles with them, so they have an understanding that you don’t just “buy” what you want when you want. Free trade, means that you can get lots of fruit & veggies year round, many of which that don’t grow locally, but to grow them takes time.

Growing fruit & veg & knowing how it grows & where is important, but if you are meat eaters as we are, so is an understanding of where your meat comes from.

When I was younger my parents raised chickens with my Uncle Clifford & Aunt Marion. I only recall it happening once though & maybe that had to do with the amount of work that it can take to process them?

I have only come to appreciate how time intensive it is, since I’ve helped friends process a couple of batches of birds that they’ve raised, but when you taste the results, there is no denying that it tastes so much better than anything that you can buy at the grocery store. Some of that might have to do with the personal satisfaction in being a part of the process or the practice (here in Canada) of injecting salt water into chicken for commercially sold chicken. Honestly, I’m not really sure, but the meat is actually tastier & so much nicer to cut up.

Another 10 weeks & we can taste the rewards of all the plucking etc.

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