Sometimes you don’t realize the full impact that people have on your life until they are gone. COVID has brought that idea home, for the last couple of years, with friendships that have waned & some friends that have passed away.

One friend, gave me the opportunity to at least let her know a fraction of what her friendship meant to me, before she passed away, which I am incredibly grateful for. I still I find myself grieving the loss of her in my life & wishing I could have conveyed (in a clearer way), just how wonderful her presence was in my life, even for the short time we knew each other.

In part, because of the losses that I have felt over the last couple of years, both that of friends that have passed & opportunities be present for life events, I have decided to seize the moment & see some family & friends overseas in the not too distant future.

Travelling whilst COVID is present isn’t as smooth a process as it used to be, but it isn’t insurmountable either. I won’t necessarily get to see everyone that I wish to, but I will at least get to see some & that’s better than none. Some people will understand the decision & other’s will think it’s crazy & that’s ok, just don’t be a dick about it. I am me & you are you.

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