Bear with a sweet tooth

I am not sure if this is a true story or not, I found this story in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin (Tuesday 30th June, 2009 – page 13). I did a google search for the story & could only find a couple of blogs – so really I am just regurgitating OLD crap again, but hey, isn’t that what the web is about?

CALIFORNIA police say a bear with a sweet tooth broke into a house in San Bernardino County and ate a box of Chocolates.
Sheriff’s Sergeant Tom Alsky said a couple arrived home to find the bear in the kitchen & phoned for help.
The bear fled before police arrived.
Sgt Alsky said the animal appeared to have pushed aside vegetables in the couples fridge & gone straight for the kilo box of chocolate.
He says the bear also tried to open a bottle of champagne but was unsuccessful.”

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