Back…. Hopefully….

I have been meaning to post on my blog for a while, but I forgot my password & getting around to resetting it was apparently too hard for me to do for a while, but today, I pulled my finger out, finally.

Lots of stuff has been happening, even though I haven’t been posting here. Levi is now in JK & Emily wants to follow, she enjoys coming into the school with me when I do the lunch money & orders for the school kids, which I do, once or twice a week. I can’t handle the food, so I get to do the paperwork. 🙂

I am attending different markets, fairs & shows to sell my wares, which has been fun. I have a Facebook page & Instagram too. I might do online sales, but not sure if I want to open myself up to that yet, with Emily not yet in school, I really want to spend time with her, rather than just making stuff all the time, at least at the moment I have some control of my stock levels because I am only going to markets & events, here & there.

Anyhow, I best head off & do some other stuff. Hope you all have a great weekend. 🙂

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Mad Hatters Tea Party

I’ve been wanting to do a tea party for the kids for a little while now, but until recently wasn’t really sure how I was going to bring it all together to make it a little more than your average sort of tea party with cake, little sandwiches & beverages. Early this year, ok, I warrant you it’s only the 11th of January, so I am pushing that early in the year stuff, I decided this was my moment to have a mad hatters tea party.

I toyed with the idea of doing a Mad Hatters party for Easter, but then I thought that doing one just for the sake of having a party would be even better. At the moment I have randomly picked the start of June & told people to save the date, BUT, we might have a visitor (a family member) coming over at some point because Geoff is turning 40 in October, so I could potentially still change the month I guess. However June is fairly nice time to come still. I hope that there aren’t too many mozzies about so that we can have a bit of time outside, & that it doesn’t rain, but I am probably out of luck on both those accounts, more chance of it not raining than the mozzies not being their savage normal selves. :s

I have been pinning ideas to pinterest like crazy, not just for the mad hatters tea party, but other areas of interest. So far I have 462 pins to sort through with all the ideas of things that I like for the tea party. Anything from décor to source (ie tea pots, tables, chairs), décor to make (flowers, costumes), activities & games & I am also looking into some food ideas too. There is much to sort. I have to be honest that the food is the part that I am not looking forward to, throwing a tea party means copious amounts of sandwiches, cakes & other delicious things that I am not all that familiar with, but something will happen.

I have copious lists of what I need & have started looking because now that I am trying to make it all happen, it seems like 5 months is almost not enough time to get it all sorted.
I have used freecycle, local second hand (charity) shops & sites online & even asked friends for any materials that I have needed, plus started raiding my own crafting supplies.

This project is huge & even with all the time that I am giving myself, it’s fairly easy to get lost in all my thoughts & ideas. It could be said that I am the reason it seems like such a large project, but that’s really not going to stop me from wanting to create some of the things I have in my mind to do. 😉

I really want to document the progress of the party planning, so I am hoping that I will do so, with some more blogging, which I know has become very seldom from me.

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Uncle Barry’s obituary

The obituary for my uncle was posted today, unfortunately the details of the funeral were missed when it was printed.

The funeral itself will take place on Saturday Oct. 4th at 11am at the Northland Bible Chapel 34 Hwy 552W (corner of highway 17) Goulais River.

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This post is for my mother & or my brothers benefit primarily, as this is probably one of the best ways to reach them.

My Uncle Barry, my mothers brother, is having his life support turned off tonight, after it has been discovered that he will not recover from everything that has happened to him in the last couple of weeks. It looked like he may have been ok, but they have discovered that whilst he was in medically induced coma, he suffered a stroke & his body is not up for any more fighting.

Here is a picture of happier times, taken in January 2012 in The Soo, at a family dinner
From left : Jason, Samantha, Mike, Jackie, Monty, Keith, Barry, Eva, Levi

January 2012It was nice to get to meet you uncle Barry.

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Well after deleting 11 pages of bogus subscribers, I have removed the option to subscribe. Maybe in the future I will change it so that there is a word captcha generator, but for now, I went with the easiest method. If you were an actual legit subscriber (& someone we know) sorry I bumped you, but in future you might want to use a more legit looking email or user name (I suspect I haven’t bumped anyone though). Lets try & give this blogging thing another go.

The funny thing is that we setup this web address so that family who might be wanting to contact us could & we could keep lots of people up to date with what are doing. Of late I have gotten a little annoyed with the use that some blood related family & former friends have had of this blog to stay updated with what we are up to, yet still can’t pull their fingers out to talk to us, so have been avoiding blogging a lot because  of it. However, there are a fair number of family & friends who we do keep in touch with & want to, who also like to read the blog, so I’m just going to have to get over being pissed off with “the others” & get back into it. Lets see how long this lasts 😉

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Now that the warm weather is here & we have been here for a few summer seasons I am starting to appreciate even more why it’s so hard to get anything done at this time of year. The weather is beautiful & for us being from QLD, the weather is so temperate it’s hard not to enjoy it. The fact that good weather only lasts for a couple of months means that all the projects I have in the pipeline, are on hold until the crap weather returns. It’s taken me 3 summers to get to the stage where I have become as the locals. Winter’s the time to catch up with local friends, because frankly in warmer weather, everyone’s trying to cram in as much as they can in the very short amount of time they have.  🙂

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Happy Easter

I thought Santa was a bit of a crook when he used our credit card to make purchases on our behalf for Christmas, but the Easter Bunny appears to have come across hard times too. Of course the cheeky bugger wiped the place clean, so no way to prove his break & enter, but I KNOW those “treats” didn’t just leave the house on their own. Cheeky Bugger! The kids enjoyed the hunt though & just as I forgave Santa, I guess I too can forgive the Easter Bunny.
Happy Easter!!!

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Valentine Stained Glass Hearts

Hearts I’ve always loved stained glass, so today’s craft was a huge amount of fun. After I made the piñata for Levi’s birthday in October I still had a heap of tissue paper left & this seemed like the ideal project to make use of some of the bits that I had (cut up) & sitting around just waiting for another project. The tissue paper is ideal because similar to stained glass it lets a bit of light in.


Materials used were;Close up of heart
Red Construction paper to cut out a heart (& then repeatedly cut down to size to make smaller hearts)
Laminating sheets
Different colours of tissue paper cut up
A hole punch would be good, but I didn’t have one, so I used scissors to cut holes & hang them

Levi & Emily heart handI started to experiment a little in the end & using a template that I had of the kids hands (traced onto cardboard) I then cut out shapes to represent their hands. When the index & thumb meet it looks like a heart. I decided to accentuate the heart shape by cutting out a heart in red that fit within (not a perfect cut on purpose). All in all, I think it worked out pretty good & I’m more than happy with the results of our stained glass valentines 🙂 I think I might have to make a few more of these for some very special people. Whilst this craft really suits Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a pretty good all year round craft. Lovely for mothers or fathers day, birthdays for parents or grandparents…..


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Sick ones

With both of the kids sick & us unable to go to the library today for stories, I knew that I had to come up with something reasonably fun. We read the 10 little monsters story (several times) that I had laminated for Levi & played with the valentine tree, as well as reading brown bear, brown bear & the felt story (repeatedly) & other play. Levi is really into imaginative play these days, so we had several tea parties throughout the day, which was very cute.

After naps, I continued with the footprint art I had started yesterday with Levi & started a completely new one with both of them.

E & L footprintsThe first was something that I did for a friend who just had a baby, infact we made it in the hospital with her oldest daughter & newborn.

Levi decided that he wanted pink & that Emily would have green, so that’s what we did. It’s not perfect but working with little ones is certainly not the easiest thing to do either. I think that it needs a little bit more on it, because there seems to be a HUGE amount of blank space, but not 100% sure what. Footprints are sooo much easier to do though if you want to capture memories in paint. If you want hand prints, trace their hand, yes still not easy, but hands really suck.

LOVEThis (to the left) is a version of something I had seen online. The L and the E were both done in cursive writing on the ones that I saw, but I decided NOT to go with that method of writing, not sure if I did the right thing or not. Notice the hand prints. Whilst Levi’s looked not too bad (at the bottom), Emily’s was more of a smudge. As soon as she got the paint on her hands she squeezed her hand into a tight fist & trying to pry open those fingers to get a print, well it’s pretty obvious how that went, but still the attempt was made.

Again, there is a little bit too much blank space at the top, so after a suggestion from a friend I’m going to add the words …. All you need is…. at the top.

CupcakesTonight, I received a small package, finally something I bought on ebay arrived, some cupcake embellishments that I plan to use on some hairclips, that I want to make for Emily’s first birthday party (yes, I realise she isn’t even 4 months yet). Levi loved them & wanted to play with them, so I decided to play around with some felt cupcakes, drawing up some patterns from very BIG, to tiny & then just about the right size. Levi seems to like the smallest one best.

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Monsters & Ducks

BIG MonstersLevi LOVES Monsters at the moment. He was introduced to Monsters Inc when he went to see Chloe one day & since then has seen both Monsters Inc & Monsters University. He adores the monsters in both movies, so with this in mind, I thought that it might be nice to make him some monsters to play with on the felt board.

Technically I made these two big fella’s last night, but I wanted to keep the theme together for this post. The green monster actually has everything glued to it, whereas the blue does not, everything on it is removable. My original thought was to make them both with interchangeable bits, but the mouth on the green monster is a little tricky. You need the red to show the mouth or the tongue looks ridiculously out of place. Levi wanted to play with one then & there (I made it during his nap time, so that when he awoke it was waiting) so I gave him the green one to start. 10-Little-Monsters-free-printable-book-for-early-readers-the-measured-mom1

In doing a search for monster themed rhymes, I found this free book online & thought that I should print off a copy, & laminate it for him, which inspired me to create 10 monsters to go with the book. I have only really completed 4.5 because I got a little bored & annoyed with making more manageable sized monsters for him. The smaller that things are made for the felt board, the more fiddly it gets.


Small MonstersI am for the most part creating my own monsters, yes there are similarities to other monster pictures one might see, but I have created patterns from scratch so that I can reference them again in future if I so desire.

They aren’t too bad, but I need to play around a bit more with them, it’s all part of the creative process. Levi adores them, which is more important. Just need to make a few more to go with the story.

5 ducksAnother request was made by Levi for me to make some ducks for him, so that he could wake up to them in the morning, so I whipped up these little guys fairly fast before I headed to bed too for the night. I think it might need a BIG mother duck for the 5 little ducks song.



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