Dominica Round up

We had a days recovery, after all the excitement & then decided to make the move up the coast to Mero Beach to meet up with Kim, Cath & Dom on SV Breizh Fenua, who were anchored there.

It took us close to an hour to untangle from our mooring ball at Roseau, which was somewhat hilarious. We ended up staying in Roseau for 6 nights which meant we had one wicked tangle in both the lines we had running to the mooring ball with all the swinging we did. 😅

Mero Beach was nice. For the first night or two it was pretty calm & then it progressively got more rocky. We were glad to have managed to put our Rocna anchor on at Roseau before we left, which held well. As the rockiness increased though, we reused the former main anchor, as a stern anchor, which seemed to improve the rockiness, a little.

Mero Beach

Mero is lovely, but is heavily focussed on tourists (mostly cruise ship passengers) who come there to lounge on the beach for the day, so there isn’t much there in terms of provisions. After a few days anchored there, Geoff & I took a walk to St Josephs, a nearby village, to get some fresh veg. It isn’t uncommon to have to wander to a nearby village in different places & they are so close together it isn’t too bad to do.

Our walk to St Josephs was nice, (albeit a little warm). We felt quite welcome, with everyone we happened across, greeting us as we went by. On our way into town we saw a lady selling fresh avocados from her front door & happily grabbed a couple (which made their way into some sushi – yum!). With some guidance from locals, we then found a little shop that had some more fresh produce & picked up some potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bananas, oranges & some cucumbers (no carrots though), a pretty good haul to be honest. We even got some roadside chicken seasoned with green sauce (OMG I love green sauce) on the way back, a successful trip.

Buying provisions on the islands isn’t often as straight forward as it is in Canada, and you never know exactly what you might find, but makes it such a wonderful experience. I quite enjoy the hunt to be honest.

Friendships formed

Our time with Kim, Cath & Dom, was enjoyable, it was great to have some regular social interactions with others for a bit. We shared meals sometimes in the evenings & played boardgames. There was some time playing in the water of course & we all hopped aboard our boat one day (very last minute) to chase down whales. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see any whales, but it was fun to go in search of them & get to know everyone a little more, plus we found this HUGE net way off shore, poorly marked (black flag on a small floating buoy) which humoured all of us (would suck if you came across that at night though).

We also enjoyed going conch hunting together, where we managed to get more than enough to make some conch sushi one night. Our method of removing the conch needs some work though, as it was an incredibly time consuming activity, with not a lot of reward, but an experience none the less which although a little messy & stinky, the conch still tasted pretty good. There really is a lot of satisfaction in foraging for some of your own food & then getting to eat it. I can’t wait to catch some fish…

We left Mero a day before Kim, Cath & Dom did, forgoing our original plan to stop in Portsmouth, to grab a nice weather window & go straight to Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe.

When we return to Dominica it will most likely be via Portsmouth, as we will be entering from the north. We will try to check out The Indian River, which featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. Something to get excited about seeing on the journey back.

Now, onto Guadeloupe…..

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