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Friday 21st October 2005

Friday began with a game of tetris as we squeezed all the supplies for the weekend into the back of the Suzuki.  Fortunately everything fit, with a little room to spare.  We headed north up to Rainbow Bay, stopping briefly in Brisbane to pick up the boquet - a bright and cheerful mix of Gerbras, direct from the grower. At Rainbow Bay, we met up with Michael, an old Uni friend who was catching a lift with us the remainder of the way, and picked up the permits for the weekend.  After a short trip on the barge, we sped up the beach towards our destination - Yidney Rocks.  It's always great driving on the beach, somehow the sand, fresh salt air, and the curling waves make an hours drive entirely pleasant. Arriving refreshed, we were pleased to see many of our friends had already arrived and settled in to the apartments. 

Saturday 22nd October 2005

We awoke on Saturday to the one thing everybody wants for a wedding - bright blue sunny skies.  Geoff took the Suzuki on a trek across the Island to pick up our celebrant Aubrey, as well as Ashley and Heather (our bridal party) and Maree (our photographer) which took longer than expected and left Eva a little nervous back at Yidney. Fortunately everyone arrived safe and sound.  It was our first time meeting Aubrey after all the drama of our prevous celebrant cancelling at the last minute, but he was great.  It wasn't long before he making jokes and getting into the spirit of our laid back wedding. 

Of course, now that Aubrey had arrived, Eva and I had some formalities to go through, a ceremony to plan - and to attend. As we finished up the preparations, the remainder of our friends arrived, and we had the pleasure of watching two humpback whales cruising past just off shore.

With everyone assembled, it was time.  Al chimed in with the bag pipes, Holly entered from stage right carrying the boquet, followed by Eva and Ashley.  Since Eva is estranged from her parent's, Ashley had the double honour of both giving Eva away, and being her bride's man.  Meanwhile Heather, my best-woman, did the honours of holding our rings until the right moment.  The ceremonial acts were over quickly, and it wasn't long before Eva and I were sharing our first kiss as a married couple.    

Following the signing of the registry, Maree herded us down to the beach for some photos and a little champagn.  The beach is the same strip of sand that everyone drives down, so we were occasionally interrupted by the passing vehicle, but there were always toots and cheers of support, especially when Eva posed with the fishing rod.

When none of us could smile any longer, we rejoined the party that was well under way back at the appartments.   Nick and Al, cooked up an absolute feast for everyone, and best of all, the food as entirely Eva friendly, so she could relax and enjoy the evening. After dinner, Heather read the announcements from all our friends who couldn't make it, and my dad made a short speech congratulating us on our commitment to each other.  Then speaking made way for more eating, as the cake, two tiers of rapdily melting gelati, made an appearance.  When none of us could eat any more, we settled in to an evening of dancing, music and fun.

Sunday 23rd October 2005

Sunday started with a leisurely breakfast of bacon, eggs and fresh fruit.  Then we all piled into some cars to check out the local attractions.  First up was the Maheno shipwreck.  Run aground in 1935, after a tow rope broke in unseasonal weather, it now rests on the beach, a slowly rusting shell of what was once a luxury steamliner.  We took a few minutes to wander about, collect the obligatory photos before continuing.  Next stop was Eli creek.  This is a crystal clear fresh water creek, that flows down through the sand dunes and into the sea.  The sand filters the water, giving it exceptional clarity, and also keeping it surprisingly cold.  There's a walkway along the edge, and for those willing to brave the chilly waters, a refreshing float back down.  Being another warm sunny day, most of us took the plunge.

We stayed at Eli creek for a pleasant swim, and some more fresh fruit before heading for home.  It had been a wonderful three days, great company, great food, great weather, and a beautiful setting to get married!  Thanks to everyone who came - and to everyone else who couldn't make it.

For more from the wedding, take a look in our wedding album.


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