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Sign V’s Letter Flash Game

This was an interesting undertaking … Create a Game in Flash. Frankly I found that my main method of learning via tutorials on the web, didn’t work very well. This is evident by viewing the flash file Sign V’s Letter v3.fla To be brutally honest I just didn’t get it, and it wasn’t for a lack of trying to understand. In a way it is a relief that the due date has snuck up so quickly, as I will now be able to have a life again, and take a break from this project.


My idea was to create a flash game which incorporated my interest in sign language, namely Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) into a Matching Game of sorts. After several searches on different sites including I settled upon a game written by Agustin Andonegui, memotest, which looked relatively simple to adjust when compared to others (zip file names, + a dozen others).


As part of this game I created an animation of a moose (head), which was probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyable piece of this assignment/task. One of my biggest problems is that I absolutely ABHORE code, so not having to implement any AS in my moose animation was fantastic!


Memotest was downloaded as and is strangely unavailable on the web now (perhaps it is a coincidence that this happened not long after I sent an e-mail asking for some help with some of the issues I was having). I was able to adjust the images alright, deleting, adding and increasing image and their sizes with a relative degree of ease. However, as the program was written in another language, Spanish (I think?) deciphering the Action Script (AS) was near impossible. With some help from sites such as I could add comments into the A.S. as each piece was deciphered. Although the commenting helped to overcome some issues, I still had issues with adding additional cards to the game (see memotest5) in the end it seemed best to ditch the lot and try again with something new.


So thus was born Sign V’s Letter!





The colours chosen for the images and letters correllate with each other, which give the user/ player a hint as to which sign represents which letter. For those who are unfamiliar with the Auslan Alphabet see the chart below which will give you a head start on this game

Auslan with Letters Chart


BUGS and CHANGES (to be made)


The bugs in this flash game are numerous, but to be honest, to get it to the state that it is at the moment was a feat in itself, for me. Whilst there are still many bugs to fix, there are many more that have been fixed already. This is a brief summary of some of those issues.


Memotest as well as Sign V’s Letter share a similar problem with other matching games that I have looked at, if you select “cards” too quickly then all clicked will show, and any matches can go unmatched /unrecognised. In the creation of this game there was a problem with matching images only being recognised if the Sign then the Letter were selected, if it was selected vice versa, then the match went unrecognised, this has since been fixed.


The Retry Button (shown) Retry Button in Auslan  is in need of some work to get it working properly, but it does give an idea as to how I hope to have all text shown by means of graphic images showing the letters in Auslan. Perhaps it would be good to include a rollover script which shows the text version of word in relation to the fingerspelt images. 


Due to the amount of difficulty that I had in getting this game to the state it is in, I was unfortunately unable to implement any levels for this game. Idea's though were not a problem.

    By changing the waitframes ...; the amount of time given to match the sign with it's letter can be adjusted - longer time frame at the start when compared to other game levels.

    Allowing drag and drop properties within the game would make this game more interactive, including popup comment windows.

    The game could perhaps start with less cards, rather than all 32 as it is now, perhaps building up the level of difficulty in remembering which card relates to which.

    Colour coded images would be adjusted as the level of difficulty within the game increases. This would stop the user/player from becoming used to colour coding within the images, which is a HUGE hint as to which letter belongs with a particular sign. Eventually all images would have the same background colour.

    A spelling test area, a number of signs show up in a sequence to spell a given word and the user/ player needs to imput the word in the correct sequence.




* Scoreboard, keeping track of highest scores, time to complete etc

* Timer

* Number of card flips/ selections

* Animation script for the start and ending scenes of the game

* + (as already mentioned) A retry button


After all is said and done, this has  been an interesting experience, and I am happy to have been given the opportunity to have given this a go. Although the game is not completed at this stage, I do intend to complete this in the future. In it's current state I am still having a great deal of fun with it :) .


Files :



        Sign V's Letter                       are available for download here.


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