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Red Cabbage PDF Print E-mail

1/2 Red Cabbage or a Small Red Cabbage
1 Huge Onion sliced
2 Apples cut into small slices (peeled and cored)
Bay Leaves
Sugar to taste if required


Put some oil in a pot and cook the onion until softened

Chop and wash the red cabbage & add to the pot with some bay leaves. Add water so that it covers 1/2 the cabbage and add pieces of apple

Cook for at least 1/2 an hour & add sugar to taste (shouldn't need more than 2 Tablespoons) to taste - depends on the sweetness of the apples added

Cook for at least a further hour. This will taste better the longer it is allowed to stew, so if you can leave it for the good part of a day that's best

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