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Eggplant Pasta Sauce PDF Print E-mail

1x med/ small Brown onion, finely chopped
1x med/ small Red onion, finely chopped
1 Eggplant (decent size)
2 Kgs Tomatoes cooked down
1x 810g tin of chopped tomatoes
1x 425g tin of crushed tomatoes
2+ cloves of garlic
Anchovies min 4-5, (I tend to add alot more)
Tin of Sardines (optional)
Kalamata olives
Fresh ground peppercorns (cracked pepper)
Olive oil
Fresh sweet basil


In a pan combine olive oil, onions, garlic & pepper & brown

Add eggplant & reduce until peices are soft, then add anchovies & cook until mixed

When all is reduced add tomatoes,  mashed sardines (if using), olives & torn basil leaves

Simmer, until ready to serve

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