Livin’ Life

This trip has been amazing so far!

Whilst there is some juggling with working, travelling, and worldschooling the kids at the same time, and general day to day living that comes with this life, it has been such an amazing experience so far. We have always had trouble staying still for any length of time & having to sit still with covid was hard (first world problems). I am so glad that we can release some the FOMO that had been building up over that time.

Even though we are only a month and a half in, we are already thinking about how to make this lifestyle more of a longterm experience. This style of living doesn’t suit everyone & I am sure that when we head back home I will enjoy some down time too, but for now, we are having a lovely time.

Do what you want to, opportunities in life come & go. What we do in life might not suit everyone, but it does us. Enjoy life, don’t endure it!

You are You
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