As of January 31st we setup noforeignland, if you have been following our journey & haven’t looked us up on there, be sure to have look. The map of our journey is quite cool to watch develop.

noforeignland is actually pretty cool. We use it to track not only our journey, but it’s a great way to follow other boats too & keep in touch with the people that you meet along the way. We have already managed to catch up with a few people met in various anchorages because of it.

The other great thing about noforeignland is that it allows you check out reviews for different anchorages & see what facilities are available (ie market stands, bakeries, food shops, fuel, chandleries, recycling and rubbish bins ++).

Here is our map (as of the 19th of Feb 2024), if you click on the image, it will take you to our profile page on noforeignland, where you can see our boat profile, with a whole host of other information.

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