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After much procrastination, and a push from a few people, we finally decided to start a Facebook page to share our adventures via, to compliment Instagram & blog posts here on our website.

Covid, as crappy as it was, really did give us the push that we needed to get on with things & since then we have been working pretty hard to try to get all our ducks in a row to make things happen. Very shortly, we will travel for an extended period of time, whilst continuing to home/ worldschool the kids, create art & work, all at the same time, for no other reason than that we want to.

Those who already know us, know that we like to do a lot of that already, but this time we are actually going to make more of an effort to share more of what we’re up to, and anything else we feel like sharing, with those that are interested.

This doesn’t mean that we are suddenly going to start posting polished posts on any of our social, that just isn’t our style. Rest assured, we will still poke fun at some of the misadventures we have, because life is pretty boring if you can’t have a laugh.

Feel free to like & follow as desired & of course share if you would like to, this isn’t an exclusive club, where only the chosen can enjoy some horrible humour. We like to spread the pain around.

With time & some encouragement, you might even get to experience the writing styles of the rest of the family too, at least that is my hope, for all your sakes.

Note: links to FB & IG show up as underlined text throughout this post for anyone curious.
You can also click the icons off to the right of this post which link back to both of our Instagram & Facebook accounts. Whilst you are over that way, if you look just below the icons, you will see that you can also enter your email address & click submit to receive notifications when we post something new too, if you really want to live dangerously.

~ E

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