Some bumps…

Well, the trip has been interesting so far, it has taken me a while to recap, but I am slowly getting there.

Our journey to move onto the boat started at the start of November, with Geoff & Emily arriving to start the process, whilst Levi & I sorted out stuff in Canada. Staggering our arrival times by a couple of weeks, worked out quite well as Levi & I brought a lot of stuff that was inadvertently forgotten or that we had thought we didn’t need with us, when we came. It also enabled us to get a little more done around the house too.

Unfortunately, a few days before we arrived, Geoff & Emily were playing basketball with some other families & he ended up injuring his ankle. A week after the injury, and after a lot of discussion we decided to fly him home (seemed to be the cheaper option, as he flew back on points) & it was confirmed that he had a break. Which was honestly not a huge surprise.

He had to wait to have an appointment with an Ortho surgeon, which took a little bit, but finally we found someone he could be referred to who was NOT on holidays at the time. Otherwise he was going to have to wait until the week before Christmas to be seen & then potentially try to get a flight out, which was not ideal.

Even though there was a little bit of added stress with Geoff heading back & not having a definitive time for him to return, it really was the best choice, as it allowed him to be at home & rest his foot a lot more than he could at the boat. An added benefit of him being at home, was that he managed to collect our WISE cards and a few other things missed/ mostly things that would be NICE to have. Although, I really appreciated that he was able to bring our nesting rectangular Pyrex dishes with lids that I didn’t have space for when I came. Those have been amazing for food storage & even as serving dishes. There are not many rounded storage areas in the galley, so straight edged items help to reduce wasted space.

His appointment with the Ortho Surgeon went well, in terms of news in general (no surgery required) and getting a bit of guidance. Having clarification that he needed to wear the aircast for the rest of December & then switch to a lace up brace to provide stability whilst sailing, seems simple, but it helped give peace of mind. With that information in hand, he booked flights back the same day of his appointment.

Of course that didn’t ensure smooth travel back though. The day that his flights were to happen a HUGE snowstorm hit. He had 2 flights changes that resulted in cancellations & then after some calls to Air Canada, managed to get flights back. This time instead of flying Ottawa to Montreal to Fort de France (FDF), he would be flying Ottawa to Paris & then Paris to FDF. An ordeal at best, but with a broken ankle in an aircast & with a bit of luggage in hand, made all the more interesting.

Meantime in Martinique, things weren’t going smoothly for the kids & I. The same day Geoff flew out, Emily seemed to be exhibiting signs of having Dengue. We quickly ran out of kids Tylenol (paracetamol) & I realised that all the Advil, that we prefer to use in general, would have to be shelved, as it increases the risk of bleeding, whilst having Dengue. Emily took about a week to recover, which was incredibly fast, she was lethargic & had a high fever that came with a rash a couple of days before she felt better.

When I realised I had gotten it, just as she was getting over it, I made the mistake in believing that I too would be on a similar timeline, instead it took me about 3 weeks to recover. I was extremely lethargic for a long time & could smell everything, so had a disinterest in food, which didn’t help with my lethargy. I became throughly discouraged by my allergies and travel & honestly just wanted to go home & be sick there. I was actually too unwell to make the trip back, so that really wasn’t an option, but I admit it crossed my mind. There is something to be said about having the comforts of your own bathroom, to lie in the shower for an extended period of time with water falling over you & to rest/sleep on a bed that is motionless, when you are unwell. It was incredibly frustrating to have so many facilities close to the boat, yet unable to get to them, even the dock was insurmountable at one point.

Then just as I was starting to recover, both Geoff & Levi got Dengue too. So now Geoff had both a broken ankle & Dengue at the same time, so not cool. This further dragged out progress on projects that we needed to finish before we departed, which added to some frustrations & some projects were ditched to do later (like sorting out the heads).

Christmas Day was rather quiet, with both Geoff & Levi sleeping away most of the day, but by New Years Day spirits improved, not so much because everyone was feeling 100% better, but we finally left the dock at Le Marin, weeks later than originally planned, but we were finally on our way – wohoo!!!

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