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Treading Water

Before COVID I felt like I had a lot on my shoulders, but now, even with G working from home & barely doing much travel at all as compared with before, it doesn’t seem like much of the weight has … Continue reading

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Sometimes you don’t realize the full impact that people have on your life until they are gone. COVID has brought that idea home, for the last couple of years, with friendships that have waned & some friends that have passed … Continue reading

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One of the the things that I have been focussing on with homeschooling is teaching the kids to be more aware of the food chain that they are a part of. They’ve grown up with gardens & know the joys … Continue reading

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In the Land of Oz

For a while, we have been reassessing the items that we own, trimming down & decluttering. Sometimes the stuff that we hold onto is more of a weight than anything of real value & you don’t actually need to keep … Continue reading

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Books are wonderful

After over a week on our boat, which I was already exhausted from & then getting slammed with getting my period (which often flattens me for a bit on its own), E decided to read me part of one of … Continue reading

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At Peace

A little while ago, I wrote an open letter to a friend, because I couldn’t let some things go unsaid. Today, I received a message with the news that I had been dreading. I knew before I even opened the … Continue reading

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I’ve been teaching my kids to sew for a while, little things & mostly on my sewing machine. Around Christmas I bought a Singer sewing machine for the kidlets (Singer Stylist 7258). It’s not too bad a machine, unfortunately, it … Continue reading

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We bought a boat!!!

It’s official! We bought a boat! What an upgrade! We’ve never really seen ourselves as owning a sailboat of our own, but here we are, (amazing given about a year ago G had his wages cut & we were genuinely … Continue reading

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Science with Soap

Homeschooling is a lot of fun. Here is a fun experiment that we found the other day, that I thought that I would share. You have to use Ivory soap for this experiment to work. Ivory soap has a large … Continue reading

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Happy Spring

With spring, comes Easter. As 2021 is pretty much just an extension of 2020, we had another really low key Easter celebration, in isolation. To be fair my use of the word Easter is done so loosely, there is an … Continue reading

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