So, Levi has his birthday party coming up this weekend & there are about 7 people, that have severe allergies, only 5 of us make up the bulk of the allergy list though, as there are cross-overs with the allergies. There are about 20 different foods that I have to be mindful of, which has required some substitution of substitutes that I have already had to come up with to adapt recipes so that I could have them in the first place. The cake was going reasonably well, having had substitutes for substitutes, but now adding yet another substitute the other day, rice milk instead of almond milk (I can’t use coconut or soy & of course not dairy) has seen the birth of THE ROCK CAKE & my stress levels have gone up.

I am actually thinking that I might make a cake that we can have, full of soy

I feel that as a person with so many allergies, any time I am around others that have allergies there is an expectation that I will accommodate all other allergies too. There are a couple of times that I haven’t with a friend’s child & I get the vibe from them that they were disappointed, even though they certainly haven’t done the same for me. I have been pretty upfront about stating that NOT everything will be allergy free for everyone. Hell, it wasn’t even going to be allergy free for me, seeing as Levi didn’t appear to have my allergies, but now things have changed.

I wouldn’t say that Levi has allergies per say, at least not yet, but there is a possibility that he might have an intolerance to some foods & seeing as he has had a large amount of food that I can’t have of late, full of wheat, milk & eggs (cake mostly + bread etc) we are going to try to eliminate all the foods I can’t have from his diet & see what happens.

He has started to get severely constipated of late, his stools are rock hard & he writhes in pain as he tries to have a bowel movement & there is often blood in his stool too (I think he might have a tear from pushing). I have taken him to the Dr & she is as useless as tits on a bull & just tells me that it’s a phase & obviously he isn’t eating enough fruit & veg or drinking enough, when the opposite is true, he eats lots of fruit & veg (lots) & drinks a fair amount too. I think that if anyone knows their kid, it’s a parent. I can’t think of much else that it could be at this stage, so elimination diet it is.

So this means that EVERYTHING for the party has to be ok for me to eat, so thus ok for Levi. I don’t want there to be any possibility of Levi eating anything that he shouldn’t & this avoids cross contamination issues/ someone giving him something that we are trying to restrict for the time being at least.

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