Wooden Dolls

Wooden Peg Dolls

Guess what arrived today? Our little piece of sweatshop labor, disguised as wooden peg dolls.

It was one of the highlights of the day, (which says a lot about the day we’ve had), actually, it might make the day seem less difficult than it actually was. hmmmm…

Anyhow, the idea behind these is to make the peg dolls a dollhouse. We haven’t quite settled on the dollhouse design though. At first it was to be a wooden dollhouse, but now it appears it will be sewn. I’m sure it will change again, given how quickly they changed their mind about a wooden structure to sewn, which is fine. I’ve been making them take notes throughout the design process, so as it evolves, so too do their notes. Honestly, it’s a fairly accurate portrayal of my design process too. I start out with an idea & along the way I either tweak it a little OR it changes entirely.

Anyhow, back to motivating them to finish their work, before the fun stuff…

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