Clean up of site

In an effort to clean up & update the website, as well as fix the fact that I have actually managed to lock myself out, so I can’t actually login & update it easily, today is the day I’ve decided to delete it all. All that SHOULD remain if I do this correctly, will be this blog & the photo album (also rather outdated in looks, but a different plugin, & I only want to do so much in one day). The crappiness of the main site has annoyed me just long enough to do something about it. I started moving some items over into this blog from the site, so you will find recipes and posts that link back to our wedding and the Creative Arts I posted, just as blog posts.

For prosperity purposes, check out this outdated look, isn’t it special?

Wish me luck. I’ll be relying on the quick backup, I did a few weeks ago, before I started moving everything over hoping I don’t get distracted & delete the wrong folders.

OLD OLD look

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  1. twoemu says:

    It IS DONE & the site is back up & running after I took it down. I didn’t back-up & I didn’t lose everything, wohoo. Now, I just have to adjust some settings & all will be good

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