Many who have followed me for a while, have likely noticed that my posts are sporadic at best. It wasn’t always like this, but of late, it has been more the norm.

I love to create the things that I do, but I am also aware of how consumerism, amongst other things, is ruining the planet. My guilt that I am a part of the issue, is part of why posts on some of the social media accounts that I manage have become so seldom. We are all bombarded with messages telling us to BUY BUY BUY, so why add to it?

Everyone wants your money & most don’t care if that means that an impulse buy today, ends up in landfill or at a charity shop in a few months or even after a short time of ownership, they got your cash.

This isn’t the image that I wish to have or even the message I wish to encourage & this is why I will be sharing more posts that are focussed on things that interest me, such as the environment, travel, homeschooling & of course some of my artistic creations, including my favourite creations, my scrappie critters.

For those that don’t know what a scrappie critter is, they are my own creation, made using “scraps” of fabric that are upcycled into cute little critters. They’re all made to be uniquely imperfect just like all of us & are simply a joy to create. Art, after all, is a part of my life & also a means to earn money to cover the expenses of life. Yep, even artists have to earn a living.

Final note:
At the moment I am keeping my twoemu creations webpage, but I am considering eventually consolidating that page & having a “shop” on this site for my art. That won’t happen immediately though, as I am only one person managing it all (at least until the kidlets are a little older & I have more confidence in their abilities not to accidentally delete large sections of websites).

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