Part of the inspiration to share more about our journey, came from the kids, who were quite despondent a few months back when they observed others not caring for the environment in the same way that we do. New York City was eye opening for the kids & a great reminder to G & I why we are on this path. There were mountains of waste with a lot of packaging & misc things that were thrown out because they were no longer needed, but still had a lot of life left in them. As much as it hit the kids hard to see how blasé some are to the environmental crisis we are in, it also made them realise why we need to continue to do what we do.

After I decided to make a post on social media asking others what they were doing to reduce their waste, so that I could share it with the kids to show that they weren’t alone in trying. From that post a friend made the comment that they always enjoyed it when we shared what we were doing, as it inspired them to do more & think about other things they could do, so here we are. We hope that this blog will inspire others.

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